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Ellsworth Goes Live South of The Border!

Hola, Amigos! It’s 2011 – a New Year with great  news from your buddies at Ellsworth! Since last year, we’ve been hard at work getting ready to launch our newest venture. Since the Glue Doctor gets bombarded with web  traffic from South of the Border, we thought it would be a great idea to launch […]

Color Trends

I always find it so interesting when the coatings manufacturers release their color forecasts. Do they really know what color themes consumers will gravitate toward, or are they setting the trends by issuing their reports? Whatever the answer, a lot of…

Adhesives & Raw Materials

Adhesives & Raw Materials Whew!  Another year is nearly in the books.  I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ….. Enjoy the Holiday Season. Speaking of enjoyment, if you haven’t seen the latest news on raw materials and the price of adhesives of all types, I would suggest you […]

New Nanomaterials Commodity Exchange

There is a new development in the world of nanomaterials. INSCX™ (the Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange), a new commodity exchange established to physically trade accredited, compliant and validated nanomaterials and nano-enabled p…

Coatings Trends & Technologies a Big Success

The Coatings Trends & Technologies (CTT) conference, a technical symposium that is a partnership between PCI Magazine and the Chicago Society for Coatings Technology and Symco, was held October 5-6

Bookbinding Adhesives Challenges Presentation

Presented at the 75th HBI/LBI conference, this presentation covers different types of adhesives used in bookbinding as well as outlines challenges and solutions for warping, adhesion including coated stock adhesion, case making and set time.  To view …

Update from the HBI/LBI Conference

It was an honor to attend and present at the 2010 Fall Hardcover Binders International and The Library Binding Institute (HBI/LBI) conference is Springfield, IL this past weekend.  Wisdom Adhesives congratulates the HBI/LBI on their 75th anniversary and all the hard working people over the years to make it happen.  Hats off to everyone – […]

Congratulations Fritz & Lang

  Just wanted to congratulate our friends Fritz and Lang of LBS on their successful triumph at the Peking to Paris Rally.  We will miss them at the LBI/HBI this weekend.  Check them out at the link: