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Bio-Based Solution for Self-Leveling Coatings

Self-leveling coatings based on Bayer MaterialScience LLC’s Desmophen® 1150 polyester resin and Desmodur® VL technologies are appropriate for a variety of applications requiring a seamless floor.

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The right adhesive for vehicle registration stickers

Today’s New York Times article New York’s Car Registration Stickers Don’t Stick details the frustrations of millions of NY drivers faced with stickers that don’t stick. Someone made an adhesive mistake, and the registration or inspection stickers come off. Hate to see things come unglued! The press release from the New York State DMV in […]

Start with a laugh

There’s a lot to more say about adhesives, serious and otherwise. But let’s start with a laugh, since we know adhesives is not the easiest word to type or spell. Original from Mr. Boffo on December 15, 2008.