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Get super-flexi with Dunlop grout

With tradesmen across the country desperately seeking grouts of distinction, specialist manufacturers of adhesives, grouts, finishing and ancillary products, Dunlop Adhesives, might just have the solution. Boasting an unmatched dedication to providing grouting solutions, Dunlop Adhesives is calling upon tradesmen to get to grips with its Flexible Wall Grout and Flexible Floor and Wall Grout. […]

High-Temperature Chromatography System Helps Researchers Develop Nanoparticle Coatings

Researchers working at NanoQAM, the nanotechnology research centre of the University of Quebec (Montreal, Canada), are successfully innovating novel polymer coatings on the basis of data measured using a Viscotek high-temperature gel permeation chromat…

New Binder Permits Up to 50% Less TiO2 for Waterborne Traffic Paints

A revolutionary new resin that offers notably higher pigment binding efficiency, higher pigment loadings and a reduction of TiO2 pigments without sacrificing dry time performance or properties such as hiding, visibility, durability, sprayability or sta…