Dunlop Adhesives announces part two of ‘Job Build’ launch

Following the launch of part one in January, specialist manufacturer of adhesives, grouts, finishing and ancillary products, Dunlop Adhesives, has announced that part two of its ‘Job Build’ tool is now live, seeing the online product calculator take its final form and act as a bespoke tool to help the trade prepare tailored product quotes.

The ‘Job Build’ tool is the final part of Dunlop’s now fully operational Trade Zone. With a high volume of users already registered, it acts as an information resource for those in the trade. Home to a series of ‘How To’ guides, Dunlop’s video tutorial tiling tips and, not forgetting Professor Dunlop’s Brainbox, that encourages tradesmen to submit suggestions for new product launches and solutions for the building trade, the ‘Job Build’ tool is the icing on the cake.

Built to assist the trade in the preparation of quotes, the tool allows a job’s specification details to be entered into the site, before generating a series of product recommendations. Providing an accurate product specification for the job in hand and detailing the quantity of product required as well as product suggestions and information on nearby stockists, the tool is a handy little addition to the trade’s growing technological repertoire.

Debi Bailey, Brand Manager of Dunlop Adhesives, said:
“The Job Build tool has been in the pipeline for a while now and, the launch of this second phase sees the whole concept come together. We’re constantly striving for new ways to support and engage with the trade and, as always, any suggestions are welcome. We’re currently working on a new Olympics style online game, and have other plans for new launches this year so stay tuned and keep those eyes peeled…”