From Automotive to Woodworking

I’ve written in the past about how every industry (and every home, for that matter) uses adhesive. On our web site, we list a broad overview of what types of businesses use our adhesives—packaging, paper, product assembly, woodworking, etc. But if you’re at all curious like I was about what actual industries are buying our glue, I started to look at our list of customers and was quite surprised at how many industries we serve. While the list would be in the hundreds, here’s a brief list supplied by one of our Technical Sales Representatives, Scott Lepard. Thanks Scott!

adhesive manufacturing• Automotive Assembly
• Board Games
• Book Binding
• Bulletin Boards
• Business Forms
• Cap Lining
• Carton Sealing
• Container Labeling
• Credit Card Attachment
• Display/Instrument Cases
• Doors & Window
• Drum Gaskets
• Dry Erase Boards
• Envelopes
• Flexible Ducts
• Flexible Packaging
• Foam Fabrication
• Folder Gluing
• Frozen Food Packaging
• High Pressure Hoses
• Ice Cream Cone Wrappers
• Insulation
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Labels
• Laminating
• Mailers
• Mattresses
• Medical Supplies
• Mouse/Insect Traps
• Padding
• Paper Tubes
• Passports
• Pharmaceuticals
• Prefabricated Walls
• Sandpaper/Abrasives
• Scrapbooking Supplies
• Tapes
• Woodworking

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