How to Prevent Clogged Filters and Extrusion Nozzles

Equipment down time is costly, especially unscheduled down time.  Wisdom Adhesives removes contaminants from water borne adhesives by triple filtering our products.  So where does the material come from that gets caught in your filter?  Mostly it comes from exposure to air after the container was opened.  The adhesive begins to lose moisture on the surface and skins over.  This miniscule skin does not re-disperse completely and may break apart and float around in the container.  Most paper and board converters have paper dust in the air around the gluing station.  Dust may settle on the surface of the adhesive and act as a nucleus; the adhesive forms a gel body around the particle and may travel throughout the liquid.

The solution is to keep the container as well sealed as possible while it is in use.  Preventing dust from accumulating on the container is also helpful.

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