It’s Alive!

It’s like driving a car that’s served you well for thousands and thousands of miles. It gets you from Point A to Point B – it still looks pretty good, with the exceptions of countless door dings and upholstery stains and tears that only you can see. And with the exception of a rebuilt transmission and the need to add a quart or two of oil every 1,500 miles, you’re still satisfied with it. Sort of. Then one day, you walk out to your car and it hits you like a ton of bricks. It’s time to retire the old steed. And off to the web you go to research a replacement. You agonize over the model, the color, the options and the payments until that magic day when it all comes together and the paperwork is signed at the dealership. Finally, the planets have aligned and you’re ready for another 100,000+ mile journey into the unknown.

It was like that for our website here at Ellsworth Adhesives. It was a good one – perhaps even great. Then one day it hit us. We could do better. And – to paraphrase the voiceover at the beginning Lee Major’s epic TV series, “The Six Million Dollar Man,” “We have the technology – we can rebuild it!” And that’s just what we did. Does our new site possess bionic superpowers? Pretty much. How, you ask? Grab your favorite beverage, pull up a seat and let us explain…

Details, Details, Details!
First of all, when you searched for products on Old Faithful, you could search by Product Categories or Manufacturers. Then you were in the deep end of the pool. The NEW site? NOW you can search by Manufacturers, brands, markets, categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories. We kid you not. ‘Looking for tips, needles and nozzles under dispensing equipment? It’s a snap! Looking for a Sylgard 184 0.5kg kit? Instant gratification, my friends! Yeah, it’s that good – but it gets BETTER!

Don’t AgonizeCompare!
How often do you go into a grocery store and pick up one brand, only wondering if you’re getting an OK deal or a GREAT deal? Admit it – you start looking at the labels on the front of the shelves that give you a breakdown of cost per ounce. In the same way, our site does the same thing, except rather than giving you cost per ounce, you can go in and compare product properties SIDE-BY-SIDE. Now THAT’S power. And you don’t even need a coupon!

Glue Doctor University on Steroids!
Old Faithful delivered a page that collected our educational materials on ONE page – we called it Glue Doctor University. Our NEW site? We now deliver educational materials at every level of our site, PLUS links to our YouTube channel AND our podcasts! No need to bounce around from your product browsing, to our Ask The Glue Doctor form, to checkout. If you’re browsing in a specific category and you’re diving down deep to find the perfect solution for your application, there’s a good chance you’ll find educational materials AND literature to review or download WHILE you’re browsing! And the great thing is, with our new site’s (ahem) BIONIC capacity, we’re adding new materials, videos and podcasts EVERY day. You’re welcome.

Relevant Results
This old timer recalls the Good Old Days when teams of diligent interns would flitter away their youth, tirelessly pounding away at their keyboards to feed the Search Beast on Old Faithful. The only downside was that it was MANUAL and labor intensive (Hey – they needed sterling Letters of Recommendation – OK?). Our new site embraces NEW technology that keeps an eye on EVERYTHING that’s added to the site and INDEXES it to provide you with accurate, timely search results. Let’s go back to our aforementioned Sylgard product, shall we? NOW when you enter Sylgard into that nifty little text box at the very top of the page, you get RESULTS, amigo! Here’s a Sylgard search example. On the old site, you’d get an inconsistent list of results (remember those interns?). On THIS site, because of our BIONIC indexing, you get results broken down by Product, Page and Resources, too. Want even MORE results? Click on the “View All” button on the top right of each result box. What do you see? RELEVANT results tailored to YOUR search. Sweet, yes?

Quote Us On That
If you ever submitted a quote to us in the past, you might have found the process to be not as EASY as it could’ve been. Prepare for a paradigm shift, friends. Our new RapidQuote process changes EVERYTHING. Our old site permitted quoting of SINGLE items. The NEW site? It rocks – and here’s why: as you’re moving through our site, researching solutions for your application, you can now add products to your quote simply by hitting the “Add to Quote” button on the right side of the page. Working furiously behind the scenes, our website is automatically building your quote in real time. When you’re finished, all you need to do is hit the “Submit A Quote” button on the top navigation, fill out your contact information, product quantities and you’ve built a quote that you can instantly send to us. We respond quickly with ACCURATE up-to-the-minute pricing and delivery times. How great is that? Yeah – we know.

Can We Make a Recommendation?
If you’re looking at our product pages, you’re going to see something that’s going to make your life CONSIDERABLY easier. Our new site is capable of making recommendations based on the product your viewing. Let’s say, for example, that your looking at Acrylic Adhesives – if you’re looking at the Part A component, don’t forget – you’ll need the Part B, too. And that’s where our site gently suggests items you might need to add that to your order. Far better than ordering one item, having it delivered and then realizing you need to call us for a rush delivery of the Part B component to complete your project. Buying a 250ml two-part adhesive cartridge for your application? Are you SURE you need THAT size? Our site offers OTHER sizes and accessories on ONE PAGE so you won’t have to endlessly surf trying to make the right selection. “Pssst!” our site gently whispers – “don’t forget that pneumatic dispenser!” Our site does it for you AUTOMATICALLY. Think of OUR site as YOUR buddy and insider to the adhesives biz. Yeah – we love you, too!

A Glimpse Into The Crystal Ball
No website can operate in a vacuum. Just because we’ve created a spiffy new website that does FAR more than its predecessor doesn’t mean we’re willing to rest on our laurels. Quite the contrary. As we said earlier, we’re adding products and content at a breakneck pace that leaves our competition in the dust. We want to be YOUR go-to destination on the web when you think of adhesives and specialty chemicals. So let us take the opportunity, right now, to invite you to take our site for a test drive. Check out the depth and breadth of our product selection, request a quote, have a chat with The Glue Doctor, search our site for literature, educational resources or videos or podcasts…heck, buy a product or two! We think you’ll be impressed. However – if you come across ANYTHING that doesn’t meet up to YOUR expectations, PLEASE let us know. We’ll take your suggestions back to the powers that be and do everything we can to incorporate them into our site. You’re that important to us. True story.

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