Manufacturer initiatives and emerging applications to drive growth in polymeric foams

Global polymeric foams market is estimated to reach 18 mln tons by 2015. Though this market faces subdued demand in recent times, future growth would be favored by manufacturer initiatives such as introduction of classification-free PU foams and emerging applications such as foamed PVC for windows, doors and house siding, and use of cross-linked polyolefin foam in sports and leisure goods, as per Global Industry Analysts, Inc. The market suffered a major setback during 2008 and 2009, following a dip in automotive production, contraction in construction activity, and reduced consumer spending, due to the adverse economic conditions. Several manufacturers, particularly those operating smaller or older units, were forced to close operations permanently, while those with multiple facilities sought to reduce operating rates or overcome the adversities by closing down some units. Resurgence in this market is also expected to stem from emerging demand from Asian economies and the construction industry’s renewed focus on sustainable and green construction products

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