They Are All Great Issues!

You know each issue of PCI that we finish I think is the best one – until the next month. I am always so pleased with the features, the new technology and all of the technological changes I see in the industry – particularly when you have b…

Raw Material Pricing

As the economy seems to be improving, petrochemical materials – including those which are used to make all types of adhesives – are on the rise costwise. Not only does the rise of oil impact the pricing, but it appears capacity (commonly referred to as iron in the ground) and geopolitical issues are affecting cost. […]

Green Pallet Initiative

Wisdom Adhesives is embarking on a new initiative further “Greening” our commitment to become more and more environmentally friendly with the use of corrugated pallets and tote containers.  The pallets are produced using Wisdom Adhesives own GreenBond Sustainable Adhesives.  The corrugated pallets and corrugated tote bins (pictured here) are an offshoot of the Wisdom Incubator […]