Congratulations Fritz & Lang

  Just wanted to congratulate our friends Fritz and Lang of LBS on their successful triumph at the Peking to Paris Rally.  We will miss them at the LBI/HBI this weekend.  Check them out at the link:

Change is Good!

You know, I have been with PCI for almost 19 years, and I have to admit that 2009 was the most challenging year for the publishing industry, as well as the coatings industry. As you know, we all had to make changes – not only in the way we conduc…

Dog Days of Summer

Now where on earth did that expression come from anyway? Well it so happens that traditionally the “dog days” are those that fall between July 3 and August 11 – days that are often known for their extreme heat and humidity. Some say i…

The Year We Held Our Breath

In some respects, the last half of 2008 and almost all of 2009 was a time when the world collectively held its breath, as we watched the global economy come to a sudden halt and teeter on the brink of serious disaster. The money supply literally froze …

Rigid and Flexible Packaging – Which Packaging is Greener

Which packaging type is greener – rigid or flexible.  For the most part rigid packaging is derived from paper products while flexible packaging is made of plastic films.  At a first glance, one would think that rigid packaging is more green, but there are many factors to consider including: –         Markets –         Materials Used –         […]