Polyamide: A Superior Hot Melt Adhesive

Have a specialty application that needs a superior glue? You may want to consider polyamide hot melts. They are very high temperature resistant hot melts that provide aggressive bonds to most any hard to bond materials.

What’s really remarkable about polyamide hot melts is they have excellent chemical, oil and high heat resistance, making them a great choice for difficult exposure environments and for many difficult to bond, low energy substrates. Applications are many and they are a great choice for automotive assembly, telecommunications, transportation filters, packaging, electrical components, and product or wood assembly. These unique hot melt adhesives are available in several degrees of peel strength, tack, open-time, shear strength and viscosity.

Here are some more details of our polyamide hot melt adhesives that may be just right for your specialty application:
• Green strength development to minimize assembly time and time to handling.
• Flexible open-times from 2 seconds to 2 minutes of working time.
• Broad adhesion range including paper, wood, metals, plastics and plasticized PVC.
• High strength for most high performance applications.
• Great option for high heat and low temperature resistance applications.
• Great chemical resistance for exposure to grease, oils, plasticizers, hydraulic fluids, acids and alkalis.

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