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Everything and the Kitchen Sink

What I didn’t realize, or really ever think about, is that there are so many different kinds (I mean, thousands) of adhesives and that every business and every household uses every day.

Lighting Solutions

We partnered with APEC Engineering to improve our facility lighting while significantly reducing our energy usage.

An Important Message from HAR Adhesive Technologies

Our goal is to be your adhesive partner, working hard to make your gluing applications as efficient and worry-free as possible. As such, we are excited to announce exciting innovations to expand our customer service and support.

Why HAR?

As a business customer, what do you care about from your supplier? Companies deserve to have a supplier that cares about their business to create opportunities and gain a competetive edge. And that’s why HAR Adhesive Technologies exists today.

Shipping “Freezable Glue”

In winter months HAR Adhesives always require that freight companies who haul our water based adhesives protect them from being frozen. Here are ways that you can inspect your adhesive for any signs of freezing, which compromises the quality of the glue.