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Kraton Divestment Leads the News

How does your company determine which businesses to focus on and which to potentially let go? Please contact me at suttons@bnpmedia.com to share your story.

The Powder Coatings Industry Needs to Think Beyond Neutrals

Macro, consumer and industry trends are constantly converging, overlapping and impacting each other….and influencing and driving color forecasting. Hopefully the powder coatings industry can more fully embrace the trends and be ready for the c…

Working Together to Drive Sustainable Development

Our CTT panel discussion on sustainability covered cost, performance, energy use, bio-based materials, transfer efficiency, waste, recycling, specifications, certifications, regulations, collaboration, and more … and we could have easily kept …

Coatings Manufacturers Can’t Miss CTT

CTT continues to grow every year, in both numbers and the quality of the content presented. This article lists four key takeaways from this year’s event that coatings formulators won’t want to miss.