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March Madness – Four Coatings Suppliers in One Month

Throughout the month of March I visited with four different coatings suppliers during two separate trips to Germany – a whirlwind experience that taught me a lot of new technology, and offered me the opportunity to meet some wonderful pe…

Advancing Innovation in Industrial Coatings: The PC Summit

In concert with the latest advancements in powder coatings, Paint and Coatings Industry magazine, BNP Media and The Powder Coating Research Group have designed an event that celebrates innovation as a path to market expansion, higher profits a…

International Coatings Community Meets at ECS

The European Coatings Show (ECS) and Conference will soon open its doors to formulators and manufacturers of paints, coatings, varnishes, adhesives, sealants, construction chemicals and printing inks.

From ‘Supply Chain’ to ‘Value Chain’

LANXESS recently hosted its 3rd Pigments Symposium, focusing on identifying challenges, demonstrating possible approaches and making visible the valuable contributions of all the different stakeholders in the pigment industry.

Revitalizing a City

AkzoNobel has donated $100,000 and a scholarship program to a Pontiac, Michigan, youth organization to help revitalize the city.