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Promoting STEM Education

As fewer students pursue careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), many initiatives have been introduced to develop an interest in these fields at a young age.

Very Cool Technology

A new coating technology that allows the pucks to change from purple to clear when the puck’s temperature is above freezing. This provides a visual indication to officials that the puck should be replaced.

Innovation Challenge

AkzoNobel is launching an innovation challenge called Paint the Future. The challenge is an open invitation to start-ups and scale-ups to collaborate with AkzoNobel on new ideas to drive innovative solutions for customers.

The Science of Paint

PCI Editor Kristin Johansson recently had an in-depth, behind-the-scenes tour of Behr’s brand new R&D lab, as well as access to The Home Depot and Behr leadership, and the opportunity to work with both companies and Habitat for Humanity on a s…

A Happy Dog Story

This heat-reflective concrete and wood-deck coating can reduce surface temperatures by up to 50 degrees F, helping to save the paw pads of security dogs that run outdoor grounds.

First Anti-Mosquito Paint Approved by EPA

The first anti-mosquito paint approved by the EPA reduces the presence of
mosquitos in painted areas, contributing to mosquito population control and reducing the spread of many mosquito-borne diseases.

Overlapping Challenges for Automotive and Aerospace Coatings

A wrap up of the 43rd Annual Future of Coatings Under Study (FOCUS) Conference in Troy, MI, with a Keynote Address by Jill Seebergh, Senior Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company, who discussed technologies and challenges for exterior painting…