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Conference Season Kicks Off With CTT and PCS

September marks the in-person return of PCI’s two annual events, Coatings Trends & Technologies (CTT) and the Powder Coating Summit (PCS). CTT will take place September 8-9 at the Westin in Lombard, Illinois, and PCS takes place Sept. 22-23 at…

2020: Need I Say More?

Learn about how Covid-19, mergers and acquisitions, and global supply chain disruptions affected coatings sales figures in 2020.

Small Quantities, Big Impact

While they compose a very small percentage of a formulation, usually less than 2% of the final formula, additives have a significant impact on a coating’s production, in-can stability, application and final film properties.

Pandemic Accelerates Digital Pace

PCI is excited to launch our new e-Magazine platform and design with this March issue. Rather than reading like a page-turning magazine, each department, column or feature article reads like a web page.

Mentoring at Its Best

Specialty chemicals provider, Nouryon, has partnered with New York-based American Corporate Partners (ACP) to provide mentorships that assist post-9/11 veterans transition from active military duty to civilian careers.

Good Riddance 2020

Yes, 2020 has been a difficult year. But let’s choose to celebrate the things we have learned, the new skills we have developed, the new ways business and learning can take place, and the people we have come to appreciate more this year.

Emerging Technologies

While we always strive to publish the most cutting-edge technology, every November we focus a bit more “outside the box” with our Emerging Technologies issue.