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Henkel Selected as Morey Corporation’s Primary Solder and Adhesive Provider

Building on a business relationship that spans more than three decades, Henkel Adhesive Technologies announces that The Morey Corporation (Morey) has named the company its primary partner for supplying solder and adhesive materials for the production of advanced electronic technology. Located in suburban Chicago, Morey utilizes more than 15 Henkel products, including its most recent innovation, Loctite® GC 10 solder paste, within its 24/7, 240,000 square-foot manufacturing facility.

Henkel Signs CEOs’ Climate Leaders Pledge for Climate Action

Henkel announced today that it signed the CEO Climate Leaders pledge – an open letter signed by the heads of 78 global companies that urges world leaders to “reach an ambitious climate deal” at the UNFCCC’s Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris. The signing CEOs, whose companies are worth $2.13 trillion in revenue altogether, equivalent to India’s gross domestic product (GDP), argue that climate action will “generate jobs and growth” both in mature and emerging markets.

Reliability of Adhesives Makes PING Part of the Winning Team

A professional golfer’s swing can reach speeds of over 190 km/h. That puts tremendous pressure on the club face, the club head and the bond between the club head and shaft. Now imagine what would happen if that bond failed during a shot – the golf ball would be flying in one direction, the club head in another, both at high speed.

Recognizing Outstanding Partnership

Close collaboration with strategic suppliers is a key success factor for Henkel Adhesive Technologies to continuously drive powerful innovations and provide best-in-class service to its customers. Thus the Henkel business unit annually recognizes outstanding performance by its partners and suppliers with three awards in the categories “Supply Performance”, “Supplier Innovation” and “Supplier Sustainability”.

Henkel delivers strong increase in Q3 sales and earnings

Sales: +8.4% to 4,590 million euros (organic: +3.2%)Operating profit*: +12.3% to 778 million eurosEBIT margin*: +0.5 percentage points to 16.9%Earnings per preferred share* (EPS): +11.1% to 1.30 eurosStrong organic sales growth in emerging markets: +6.5%

Henkel products contribute to reducing CO2 emissions

At the beginning of December, more than 190 nations will come together to reach a new, global agreement on climate protection at the 2015 United Nations climate conference COP21 in Paris – a critical step on the path to tackling climate change.  But protecting the climate is not only the task of governments. It requires everyone – i.e. the industrial sector, governments, the scientific community, non-governmental organizations and citizens across the globe – to contribute by developing and implementing sustainable solutions to climate change.

Henkel’s Temperature Stable Loctite GC 10 Solder Paste Living Up to its Game-Changing Promise

Earlier this year, Henkel introduced the electronics market to the first-ever temperature stable solder paste, Loctite GC 10. Since its official debut in February, over 1,000 sample requests of the material have been fulfilled and customers who have qu…

Centenary of Konrad Henkel’s birth

Dr. Konrad Henkel, grandson of the company’s founder, was born 100 years ago today on October 25. He served the company for more than 50 years and made a vital contribution to its development – from 1961 to 1980 as Chairman of the Management Board, and from 1980 to 1990 as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and of the Shareholders’ Committee. Subsequently, Konrad Henkel maintained close links with the company as Honorary Chairman of the Henkel Group up until his death in 1999.

30 years of Henkel preferred shares: a rewarding investment

Thirty years ago, on October 11, 1985, Henkel went public. The aim of having a direct presence in the capital markets was to further promote growth and the internationalization of the family business. Henkel’s successful expansion is reflected in its share performance: since 1985, the share price of the company’s preferred shares has increased almost 19-fold (closing date: September 30, 2015).