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Henkel Shares Important Knowledge on Food Safe Packaging Hotmelts

Food packaging safety is an issue to which Henkel – as the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide – is deeply committed. On its knowledge platform “Food Safe Packaging Portal” Henkel will host a webinar “Food Safe Packaging Hotmelts – Everything you need to know” on September 15, 2016 at 10 AM (CEST).

Henkel collaborates with HP

Personalization is gaining momentum in the flexible packaging industry when it comes to design, leading to increased customer interest in digital printing technologies – which allow for individually designed packages and smaller job sizes.

Henkel’s Loctite Impregnation Solutions provides a fast and reliable fix for the automotive industry

Henkel’s complete Loctite Impregnation Solutions (LIS) product portfolio not only offers impregnation resins and systems but also a customized service through both external, as well as tailored, on-site impregnation service centers. Through LIS, Henkel, a leading supplier of porosity sealing products and services, offers the automotive industry a one-of-a-kind, fully automated impregnation system, and its high-tech resins deliver consistent quality and unmatched sealing performance.

“Impressions of my daily digital life”

Catching up on the latest tweets at breakfast, ordering a taxi via Uber, sharing a photo with friends from the concert via snapchat or finding the perfect room on Airbnb for the long-awaited trip to Barcelona: for some this may seem like a normal day, for others this digital world still remains unknown. Time for a new concept of mentoring – only this time, the roles are reversed.

Encapsulation, impregnation and potting with high performance resins

The quantity of electronics found in all areas of modern road vehicles continues to increase, and electric drive systems are now entering the mainstream. So the need to ensure the reliable performance of electrical and electronic components and systems…

Henkel launches range of new Teroson LASD products offering enhanced application and sustainability benefits

Henkel Adhesive Technologies has expanded its portfolio of liquid-applied sound deadeners (LASD) for the automobile industry. Newly added to the portfolio are Teroson LASD grades based on renewable oils (renewable thermosets) for use in the paint shop …

Henkel launches new web portal on pressure sensitive adhesives

The market for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) is highly complex with countless application possibilities and numerous technologies. Providing a comprehensive overview, Henkel has now launched a global web platform bundling all relevant information …

Henkel opens new composite test center in Heidelberg – The Composite Lab

Henkel’s newly opened Composite Lab in Heidelberg, Germany, is a state-of-the-art test facility. Here automotive customers can team up with Henkel experts to develop and test composite parts and to figure out the best production process condition to make their ideas market-ready.