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Solution to Polly’s Botched Scale Up

Polly Mertz’s first scale-up of a new emulsion polymer had resulted in the contents boiling out of a 500-gallon reactor. What had gone wrong in the acrylic emulsion production batch?

Bio-Based Solutions for Coatings

Research and development related to lignin continues to take place, and business opportunities are identified in the renewable materials market.

Crosslinking Polyurethane Dispersions

It is therefore important to evaluate different crosslinkers and understand their benefits and drawbacks in a given system to enable the formulation of a high-performance wood coating.

Real-Time Polymer Monitoring System

The real-time insight generated by ACOMP enables polymer manufacturers to immediately respond to process anomalies, adhere to tighter polymer quality control specifications, and optimize polymer production for continuous, batch and semibatch r…