Tag: polymers

High-Solids Head Space

This article addresses some of the key challenges associated with formulating resins at high solids levels and outlines the potential for Michael addition chemistry to raise coatings solids levels to new heights.

Poly-Mannich Rapid-Cure Epoxy Curing Agents

This innovative new series of poly-Mannich epoxy curing agents is formulated to offer a reduced hazard rating and variable reactivity inclusive of slow, medium and outstanding speed of cure.

Innovations for Sustainable Road Markings

This article discusses a unique, biobased solution designed for thermoplastic road marking formulations. The new technology improves two critical performance characteristics in a rosin ester – initial light color and oxidative stability.

Novel Path to Hydroxyl-Functional Emulsions

OH-functional acrylic emulsions can be designed with a wide range of hydroxyl values and performance characteristics to address the needs of many different applications in plastic, wood, automotive, and construction coatings.