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A Perfect Match: High Performance and Potential for Cost Optimizaion

Synthomer has developed a novel styrene acrylic binder with excellent water resistance, scrub resistance and hiding power, and that potentially enables the paint and coatings industry to optimize binder and pigment dosage, resulting in paint p…

Changing Your Particle Size Distribution Will Also Impact Your Molecular Weight Distribution

The average molecular weight of a latex can be influenced by a number of factors, but it is often not realized that the number of particles in the latex (which is directly related to particle size) is important in determining molecular weight….

High Performance and Ultra-Low VOC

In the development of a low- VOC, self-healing epoxy hybrid primer, this company lever­aged its self-healing technology to design a waterborne protective primer with an unprec­edented combination of corrosion resistance and eco-friendliness.

Re-Inventing Primer to Prevent Industrial Facility Corrosion

NanoRustX (NRX) NanoPrime, for example, works by chemically reacting with iron and iron oxide (rust) to form iron phosphate and creates a nano bond with both metallic and painted surfaces. The chemically bonded layer is insoluble and extremely…

Trends and Developments in Industrial and Marine Protective Coatings

Developments in chemically resistant, 2K polymer-modified epoxy coatings have met several market needs, including carry of sulfuric acid, coating inspection facilitation, anti-static coatings, improved abrasion resistance and field-repairable …

Photosensitive Haptic Coatings

Photosensitive haptic coatings can not only achieve gradual color change on athletic footwear, but could also be used for point-of-purchase individualization.

Green Chemistry: The Tug o’ War Between Headwinds and Tailwinds

Over the past couple of decades, there has been a lot of discussion, R&D, marketing and sales efforts aimed at converting as many products that are based upon fossil fuel-derived specialty chemicals to “green” (biosourced) analogs, as possible…