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Finding Formaldehyde-Free Substitutes for Encapsulation

Adding formaldehyde-free alternatives to the encapsulation arsenal will be beneficial for many manufacturers, especially those creating products used directly by consumers or in building materials used in residential or office buildings.

New class of specialty polyester polyols enables highly weatherable and durable automotive and industrial coatings

The ability of a formulator to achieve higher-solids automotive coatings provides OEMs a durable, sustainable coatings solution to help capture productivity benefits without sacrificing performance relative to traditional automotive coatings s…

Intumescent Paints: An Area of Growing Importance

This article details a statistical design experiment that was commissioned to explore in more detail the roles and effectiveness of varying parameters (raw materials, PVC, types of steel, etc.) in producing intumescent paints.

Vegetable Oil-Based Urethanes for Wood Coatings

Waterborne OMU has all the advantages of solventborne OMU including inherent mar resistance, chemical resistance and amber film color, while overcoming the shortcomings of low-VOC solventborne OMU including slow dry and softer film.

Biobased Polymers for Sustainable Coatings

The most effective route towards becoming truly sustainable is clearly to research, develop and promote more sustainable monomers and other raw materials into the marketplace.