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Over half a billion cartridges of adhesives and sealants made at WACKER’s plant in Nünchritz

WACKER has produced its 500-millionth cartridge of adhesives and sealants at its Nünchritz Plant in Germany. Employees at the plant are especially proud of the milestone recorded at the site that started production in 1998. A quick bit of maths shows …

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It’s Alive!

It’s like driving a car that’s served you well for thousands and thousands of miles. It gets you from Point A to Point B – it still looks pretty good, with the exceptions of countless door dings and upholstery stains and tears that only you can see. And with the exception of a rebuilt transmission […]

Glue Dots International Launches Free Video Trial Program for SD-900

Glue Dots International (GDI), a leading global manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive patterns, introduces a free video trial program for the SD-900 adhesive applicator. The SD-900 is a fully automated, inline adhesive applicator engineered to qu…

Parlez-vous français? Ellsworth Debuts New Website

Bonjour! Ellsworth Adhesives is proud to announce the launch of its new website in France, www.ellsworth.fr.  The website provides a comprehensive source for adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, lubricants, conformal coatings, dispensing and UV cure equipment.  Customers are able to Request A Quote on thousands of products from over 50 manufacturers.   Product filtering capabilities, which allow visitors […]

Add-On Acquisition of Rubex; New President and CEO

Fort Worth, TX May 9, 2011 – Edge Adhesives, a Fort Worth based manufacturer of specialty materials, announced today the add-on acquisition of Rubex, Inc. The transaction was completed with Edge Adhesives capital partner, Superior Capital Partners LLC, a Detroit-based private equity firm. Edge Adhesives acquired Rubex from Chemence Inc, a diversified chemicals company with […]

Ellsworth Goes Live South of The Border!

Hola, Amigos! It’s 2011 – a New Year with great  news from your buddies at Ellsworth! Since last year, we’ve been hard at work getting ready to launch our newest venture. Since the Glue Doctor gets bombarded with web  traffic from South of the Border, we thought it would be a great idea to launch […]

One Step Into The Great Unknown

If we had a nickel for every time someone asked us if we had a page on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, all of us here at Ellsworth would be able to retire tomorrow. Sure, we got bold and set up this blog and went one step further and posted podcasts on a variety of adhesive-related […]

A Trifecta of New Podcasts

It started out in a cube last year about this time. The usual Monday morning rehash review of website maintenance, strategies, metrics reviews…yawn. In an uncharacteristic burst of synapses (undoubtedly fueled by three Venti quad-shot lattes), the Webmaster mumbles something about adding podcasts about adhesives to the Ellsworth website. Marketing Manager mumbles something back about […]