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Q-126 is a premium, versatile butyl tape that has a rich tradition of service in the metal building and roofing industries.
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Hello world!

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Customers, Employees, & Communities

The Wisdom Way is a comprehensive approach to conducting business at Wisdom Adhesives, with regards to three equally important constituents: Customers Employees Communities in which it operates The key to The Wisdom Way is the emphasis and value placed on the three constituents, leading to the ultimate success and purpose of Wisdom Adhesives. Customers– Wisdom … Continue reading Customers, Employees, & Communities

All In The Family

Running a business can be challenging. Running a family-held business can be very challenging. Running a multi-generational family business can be ridiculously challenging. Operating a fifth generation, family-owned company, where the odds of success are very low-less then 3% of all family-run companies make it to even the third generation-that is now 140 years strong … Continue reading All In The Family

Strength of a Hexagon

Chemistry can be a confusing subject to those unfamiliar with all its scientific nomenclature and formulas.  It is much like learning a language, albeit a technical one.  As science tends to be, it is a field that affects us all, whether we are aware of its workings or not.  Chemicals and chemistry are all around … Continue reading Strength of a Hexagon

Not So New In The New Year

With the new year upon us, we are surrounded by friends and family establishing their resolutions for the 2017 year.  The top resolutions this year are: Get Healthy, Get Organized, and Live Life to the Fullest which got us, at Wisdom, thinking about our goals for the new year. Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide has been in … Continue reading Not So New In The New Year

Greetings from the Southeast!!!

Greetings from the Southeast!!! Many great on-goings here at Wisdom Adhesives that I am very excited to tell you all about!  In particular is the brand new expansion of our facility in Chatsworth, GA (just outside Atlanta) .  Wisdom Adhesives Southeast is headed up by General Manager Tim North and has all the same hot […]

It’s Alive!

It’s like driving a car that’s served you well for thousands and thousands of miles. It gets you from Point A to Point B – it still looks pretty good, with the exceptions of countless door dings and upholstery stains and tears that only you can see. And with the exception of a rebuilt transmission […]

Cylinder Adhesives – Are They Right For Your Application?

Just wanted to give our friends a little heads up – we’ve just uploaded a new video podcast (vodcast) to our Ellsworth Adhesives Channel on YouTube: “Cylinder Adhesives – Are They Right For Your New Application?” Host Lance Braun sits down to chat with Dan DuCharme, Marketing Manager for 3M’s Aerosol and Cylinder Adhesives Division. […]

Welcome To a New Year

Welcome everyone to a 2012 and a new year. As I look back on 2011 they were many highs and lows and I’m excited for the new year. Please look to our website for new announcements in 2012 with the expansion of our MileageMelt, ClearBond, WizBond and PolyTak product lines. Additionally look to our enhanced […]