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Customers, Employees, & Communities

The Wisdom Way is a comprehensive approach to conducting business at Wisdom Adhesives, with regards to three equally important constituents: Customers Employees Communities in which it operates The key to The Wisdom Way is the emphasis and value placed on the three constituents, leading to the ultimate success and purpose of Wisdom Adhesives. Customers– Wisdom … Continue reading Customers, Employees, & Communities

All In The Family

Running a business can be challenging. Running a family-held business can be very challenging. Running a multi-generational family business can be ridiculously challenging. Operating a fifth generation, family-owned company, where the odds of success are very low-less then 3% of all family-run companies make it to even the third generation-that is now 140 years strong … Continue reading All In The Family

Strength of a Hexagon

Chemistry can be a confusing subject to those unfamiliar with all its scientific nomenclature and formulas.  It is much like learning a language, albeit a technical one.  As science tends to be, it is a field that affects us all, whether we are aware of its workings or not.  Chemicals and chemistry are all around … Continue reading Strength of a Hexagon

Not So New In The New Year

With the new year upon us, we are surrounded by friends and family establishing their resolutions for the 2017 year.  The top resolutions this year are: Get Healthy, Get Organized, and Live Life to the Fullest which got us, at Wisdom, thinking about our goals for the new year. Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide has been in … Continue reading Not So New In The New Year

Viscosity Measurement, Zahn Cup vs. Brookfield

We are often asked if there is a way for our customers to quickly and easily measure the viscosity of water borne adhesives in their manufacturing facility.  Usually, the person wants to know if a Zahn cup can be used to measure the viscosity of the glue.  The short answer is maybe, but with some […]

Wisdom Helps Launch nICE mug

Wisdom’s incubator program helps start-up companies bring product inventions and ideas to market. One of the latest product launches is nICE mug, a frozen mug made entirely out of ice. It is a fun innovative way to drink cold beverages. Glenn Auerbach, founder of nICE mug, says:” I appreciate all that Wisdom has done to […]

Adhesive Bonding 101 – Understanding Dynes

No matter what type of adhesive is being used, when trying to bond two things together there are a few things that must happen.  The first thing that absolutely must happen is that the adhesive must wet both surfaces that are to be bonded.  Wetting is the ability of a liquid to maintain contact with […]

Shelf Life – How Old Is Too Old?

Even the best laid plans sometimes go wrong.  You practice first-in, first-out inventory management.  You forecast your adhesive needs.  And still, you end up with a tote of glue that been sitting around forever.  Is it useable, or not?  The Technical Data Sheet may say that it has shelf life of 90 days, but is […]

Viscosity of Water Borne Adhesives

Viscosity is one of the most critical properties in determining how well an adhesive runs on application equipment.  The simplest definition of viscosity is the measure of the resistance to flow.  Low viscosity flows easily and appears “thin,” whereas high viscosity means it flows slowly and appears “thick.” There are many different units of measurement […]

Cold Weather Is Coming!

The leaves are falling and this summer’s sweltering heat is but a fading memory.  Fall is a short season in the Midwest, it is time to think about winter.  Most water borne adhesives are subject to damage by low temperature.  Once white glue has been frozen it cannot be used, even after it has been […]