Why HAR?

Why does a company choose one supplier over another? Many would say cost. Some may say availability. As a technical sales representative, I try to look at every situation or scenario for customers to ensure HAR is not only a worthwhile value but a valued service. I was recently posed the question by a potential customer, why HAR? What immediately came to mind are the things that truly sets us apart from other suppliers out there; the things that our current customers really care about…

  • We are local. This means we have quick response time, lower freight costs and quicker deliveries.
  • We provide one stop shopping. We manufacture or supply nearly every adhesive technology available from specialized adhesives to adhesive application equipment.
  • We are competitive. Not only do we supply most any kind of adhesive and adhesive equipment needed, our prices are comparable or better than other suppliers.
  • We specialize in problem solving. We look at the whole production process, test or custom develop formulations, do glue audits, and more.
  • We are easy to do business with. We can ship just one pail or a whole tanker truck. And we are always easy to reach by phone or email.
  • We provide options. When prices are on the rise, many times we have lower cost options available due to our relationships with multiple sources.

Most importantly, I believe there are always opportunities that lead to better production and lower long term costs. From wanting a better quality adhesive without increased cost to an automated production line that reduces downtime, it’s really all about partnering with suppliers that care about your business to make those opportunities a success. And that’s why we are here.

This glue news was spotted at blog.haradhesive.com
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